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“After consultations with Amberley and the development of a personalized road map for our son, the daunting and sometimes perplexing challenge of today’s college search and application process was transformed into a clear, specific, directed and schedule driven course of action.  In our case, Amberley’s assistance was particularly helpful as we had compounded the weight of process by not starting our college search nearly as early as we should have.  Amberley’s one-on-one style and individualized program approach helped crystallize goals, presented options for schools that would most likely result in those goals being achieved and provided hands-on involvement in application preparation that was, in a word, invaluable.” (Jeff D., Costa Mesa, CA)

“We are so thankful that we worked with Amberley through the college planning process.  Our daughter learned so much about herself, grew in her confidence and matured so much.  Before hiring Wolf College Consulting, the application process seemed overwhelming and stressful to our family.  From the first moment we met Amberley, we felt so welcome and comfortable, and her organized and personable nature made the whole college application process so much more manageable and far less stressful. With her approach, success is unavoidable – We could not have done it without her!” (Karen A., Newport Beach, CA)

“When it came to work on the application process with my youngest daughter, I was so thankful to work with Wolf College Consulting.  As a single mother of three children, finding time to help my daughter with creating the college list, working on applications and essays was very difficult and overwhelming.  Through working with Amberley, I was able to spend more quality time with my daughters and I didn’t have to worry about the application planning and schedules.   I was still able to stay involved with the process because Amberley updated me after every meeting on what they worked on.   Her knowledge about colleges, financial aid and applications helped my daughter find many great fit colleges to apply to where she would thrive academically and socially.  Through the individualized meetings with Amberley, my daughter discovered so much about herself – she grew in confidence, learned a lot about her passions and gifts and created some career goals.  I know that through this discovery, my daughter is much more prepared to enter college and thrive academically and socially.” (Karen P, Costa Mesa, CA)

“I am so thankful that I was able to have Amberley Wolf to review my college essays. The college application process was long and difficult for me and I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Amberley.  With her assistance and guidance, I was able to get into many of my top choice colleges.  Ultimately, I decided to go to UC Davis and I know I will enjoy my time there!” (Aaron A., Current student at UC Davis)

“I have been very pleased with the process and outcomes of Amberley Wolf’s college consulting services.  The benefits were much more than just completing the college search and application process.  As my daughter worked with Amberley she began to see herself as others might and became able to clearly identify  – and appreciate – her own strengths, wants and needs for college life and her overall future pursuits.  Great value for the money we spent!” (Jan H., Trabuco Canyon, CA)

 Math Test Preparation  “The individualized SAT Math Test Preparation that our daughter received through Andy Wolf helped our daughter grow in confidence and knowledge as she prepared for the SAT test.   The individualized attention was just what our daughter needed to succeed in the Math section.  Through working with Andy for only one month, she improved her Math score by 80 points.  This surely improved her Admissions Profile and helped her get into many of her top choice colleges. “ (Karen A., Newport Beach, CA)

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