What is an independent educational consultant?

  • Independent Educational Consultants (IEC) help students and their parents successfully navigate the college admission process by advising, informing, teaching, encouraging, and empowering students to find the college match that will best suit them as individuals.  Educational Consultants do not get students in to college, per se; rather, they teach students about colleges and about admissions.  By doing so, they help students better understand decision making, consumerism,(and being a good researcher), and being independent.  Most importantly, IECs help students learn more about themselves and how to maximize their potential.

Why hire an independent educational consultant?

  • Many students choose to work with an IEC for the individualized, personalized attention the consultant can offer.  As an expert of colleges, a consultant can help families maximize their time and efforts in researching and applying to prospective colleges.  With the competitiveness of college admissions at an all-time high, the time and effort students are now required to put towards the college application process can be overwhelming.  An IEC offers guidance and resources to help students plan ahead and stay on course.  The junior and senior years of high school can be some of the busiest times in a student’s life.  Hiring a consultant helps alleviate stress and tension and frees the student up to enjoy his/her memorable high school years.  Furthermore, guidance counselors carry many roles due to the nature of their jobs.  Most spend only a portion of their time devoted to college planning and counseling.  In contrast, Wolf College Consulting works with a small group of students per year, allowing ample time to devote toward one-on-one guidance.

What kinds of students work with independent educational consultants?

  • All kinds!  We enjoy working with students from all walks of life and at all academic levels.  From student athletes, to students with learning differences, to “C” students who are worried they might not have any college options, our goal isn’t solely to help you get into college.  We enjoy developing students as individuals and playing a small role in helping them mature into successful adults.

When should I begin working with an independent educational consultant?

  • We believe the most ideal time to begin work with an independent consultant is in the sophomore or junior year of high school.  However, we gladly work with senior and transfer students and assure you that you’re not “too late”!  Planning ahead provides students and families plenty of time for college researching, standardized test-taking and successful completion of college applications in a timely manner.
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