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San Diego

This past weekend I traveled down to San Diego to visit Point Loma Nazarene University and University of San Diego. It was a beautiful day with perfect sunny weather. Check out my facebook page facebook page to see pictures and find out what Wolf College Consulting has to say about the campuses.

USD Campus and Point Loma Campus pictures:

Wolf College Consulting - USDWolf College Consulting, Point Loma University

Loyola Marymount Campus Visit

Last week Wolf College Consulting had the opportunity to visit Loyola Marymount University. Check out the “Wolf College Consulting” facebook page to see pictures and information about the visit.



Northern Arizona University

This week I had the opportunity to visit Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  Due to the Western Undergraduate Exchange, California students can attend NAU for less than the out of state rate (as long as you major in qualified major).  Due to the high altitude, I did not feel like I was in Arizona.  It was surrounded by hills and trees (and it is also near the Grand Canyon and Sedona).  This school can be great for a student that desires to attend a big school that is in a liberal (somewhat hippy) area.  The students tend to be spirited, tolerant, enjoys the outdoors and they have a lot of student activities and clubs.  The school is known for it’s teaching program and also has strong programs in engineering, astronomy and hotel and restaurant management.

Below is a picture of the Applied Research and Development Building:Below is a picture of one of the libraries:

Below is a picture of a cafeteria:

Below is a picture of an outside quad in the middle of some dorms.  Students enjoy hanging out outside, studying outside, playing basketball together and biking.The campus is about a mile in length.  Therefore, they have a great shuttle system that also takes students to the public bus so that students have easy access to the area around the University as well. On campus apartments:Inside a first-year dorm:

Concordia University — Irvine

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Concordia University in Irvine.  This campus was a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  It is located in beautiful Southern California in the hills of Irvine.  Concordia’s mission is that students would develop a wise mind, an honorable heart and cultivated character.  This happens as a result of living in a dynamic Christ-centered community (most students live on campus all four years) where students get to know their professors in small classes and as personal mentors (17:1 faculty/student ratio).

Concordia is a Christian community in the Lutheran Tradition, but you do not have to be a Christian to attend this University.  I had the opportunity to meet with a student that was not Christian, but she loved the school because she liked the small classes and the leadership opportunities on campus.  There are many religions represented on the campus and although students are required to take 3 Religion classes, students do not feel like “they have to be a Christian to feel part of the community.”

Here are some pictures that I took of the campus:

Below you will see the front of the main chapel.  There is chapel four times a week, but it is not required.  The most popular service is the contemporary service on Friday mornings.

Below is the Student Union — The Cafeteria is inside — it had great food!

Below is a picture of the Gym.  Last week they beat APU in Basketball — this made them win the GSAC Title — Go Eagles!

Below is a picture of a dorm lobby — the campus has many different lobby’s for students to hang out, study, play games or watch movies.  This helps form great community on their campus.
If you are looking for a small private school, located in Southern California that carries Lutheran traditions, this may be great fit for you.  You may have some great leadership opportunities on the campus and will grow academically and socially.

Zot! Zot! Zot! My Visit to UCI

Today I had the opportunity to visit UCI – home of the anteaters.

I was welcomed at the “Welcome Center” by some current students and then I took a tour of the campus.  The campus is located in Irvine (one of the top 10 safest cities in the United States).  UCI is known for it’s funky modern architecture with perhaps the most conservative student body in the UC system.  Below are some pictures of the campus.

This is the Science Library (one of two libraries on campus)
These are pictures of Aldrich Park — its in the center of campus and all of the academic buildings surround the park.

UCI’s Engineering program is a very competitive program.  Below is the Engineering Buidling.

Colleges students live for food.  Below is one of the many food courts.  Since Irvine is known for sunny days many of the food courts have outside eating areas.

After visiting the campus, I believe many students can be a good match for this college.  It is an extremely academic University (96% of their students are in the top 10% of their high school and the average GPA is 3.85).  Minorities count for over half of the student body (52% of their students are Asian Americans), their are a wide range of clubs to be involved in (from Korean to Greek to Social Action to Christian).  They are part of NCAA Division 1 (although no football) and they are known for their cutting-edge research.  If you are a hard-working student that is ready to put your head in the books for your college years, step out of your comfort zones and get involved and be on a diverse campus,  UCI might be a great fit for you.

This week I had the opportunity to visit Azusa Pacific University.  What a wonderful Campus!

If you have a passion for service, a compassion for justice and outreach, a desire to integrate your Christian Faith with your learning and want to attend an excellect academic college, this might be a great fit for you.

I started my day attending chapel.  The worship was student led and they had a guest speaker that spoke about your role as a believer in your family.  The campus is large (4700 Undergraduate students) and therefore you can attend chapel in two locations.  When I looked at the students in the chapel I saw authenticity a passion for worship and desire to grow in their faith.

After chapel, I met with and Admissions Counselor that shared with me about the core values (they called “Cornerstones”) of the University — Christ, Community, Scholarship and Service.  When I had the opportuntiy to speak with students and other staff members, these core values were evident.   I also took a tour of the campus and here are some of the pictures I took:

This is a picture of the front of the Admissions Office

I saw many classrooms, and most of them looked similar to this:
The campus has many art exhibits (the artists are all alumni, students, staff or faculty).  Fun fact — APU is the only Christian University that has a Masters’s in Art.
Below is a picture of the “Cougar Walk.” This is on East Campus — it’s a big hangout area where students can get food from the cafe, drink coffee at tables outside or study outside.  The campus has a couple of cafteria’s and also a lot of cafes, small restaurants, even a sushi bar.
All Freshmen live in the on-campus dorms.  Below is a picture of one of the halls.  The sophomore’s live in on-campus apartments and most juniors and seniors take advantage of the off-campus apartments.
Below is a picture of their gym (it also hosts chapel in the mornings).  APU has 17 Varsity Sports.
This is the trolley that takes students back and forth from West Campus to East Campus
Below is a picture of their newest building — the scince building.  It was beautiful.

I had a wonderful visit at APU — it has a great community and many students call it “home.”