Happy New Year….It’s time to start thinking about the summer….

High School Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors —

Many clients at Wolf College Consulting are now discovering what they are going to do this coming summer.  I am often asked if there is one specific activity or program they should be doing this summer that will “get them into” their dream school.  Guess what?  The answer is “No!”  The options are limitless.  What is important is that you follow your passions and interests.  Students should be choosing summer programs or activities that are not just great on their resume, but enjoyable.

Below you will find a list of just some of the fun programs students have done in the past:

-Took Game Design Course
-Volunteered at Special Needs Camps
-Took an art class at the Community College
-Worked at a Surf Camp
-Research with a College Professor
-Volunteered at an Environmental Nature Center
-Interned at Boeing
-Managing a sports team
-Visited Paleontology Museums around the US
-Hiking through 5 National Parks
-Traveled abroad to work on a Language
-Attended music camps throughout the state
-Hosted a foreign exchange student

See the possibilities are endless….  But, some of these activities have early applications so now is the time to start thinking what you will be doing next summer.  If you would like help, call Wolf College Consulting at 949-677-5992 or email awolf@wolfcollegeconsulting.com.


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