Thank You Card Time!

Wolf College Consulting - Thank you CardSeniors — some of you might be done with your applications, but don’t forget to write thank you cards to those that filled out your letters of recommendation forms. Wolf College Consulting recommends that you do the following when you write your thank you cards:

  • The obvious — Thank your teachers, counselors, or pastors for taking the time to write the letters of recommendations to your colleges.
  • Another Thank You — Thank them for the ways they have encouraged you, helped you and challenged you. Be specific.
  • Keep them posted — Tell them that you will keep them posted as you hear from your colleges. It will really excite them if they hear you were accepted to a school that they wrote a letter to.
  • The future — Tell them that you are excited about making the transition to college and tell them they played a key role in preparing you for college success.
  • Optional — Add a gift card or a small gift to thank them (this can also be for Christmas too). They will really appreciate it! Remember this is optional and not a necessity.

Wolf College Consulting hopes that you are enjoying the Holiday Season!

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