Time to start thinking about Fall Activities…

Wolf College Consulting, EXTRAIt’s that time of the summer … it’s half way over and we are all realizing that the school year is going to begin sooner than we think.  Parents and Students… this is a great time to start reviewing your extracurricular activities outside of the classroom.  Wolf College Consulting is here to help. 

Many students try to involve themselves in too many activities.  Others do not find meaningful activities that will give them the skills and passions that colleges are looking for.  And, others focus too narrowly on sports and do not have a strong resume outside of sports activities. 

Below are some extracurricular activities colleges love to see in your admissions profile:

·         Student Government or ASB 

·         Debate Team, Mock Trial

·         Academic Teams: Math, Business, Environment, etc. 

·         The Arts: Music, Theatre and Visual Arts

·         Internships

·         Diversity / Multicultural Clubs

·         Community Service

·         School Newspaper

·         Job

·         Sports


Overwhelmed at this list… do not be.  You cannot participate in all of these extracurricular activities and colleges do not expect you to.  What is important is to show commitment, leadership, passion a growth.  But remember… colleges would like to see 4-6 different types of activities on your resume – not just sports.  Wolf College Consulting is here to help you discover what extracurricular activities might be best for you.  Let us know how we can help. 

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