It’s almost Summer Time — are you ready?

Wolf College Consulting SummerSummer Time is a great time to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, have fun, build your college resume and prepare for college.  Wolf College Consulting has some great tips on what to do this summer.

1) Participate in interesting activities:  Summer is a great time to act on your interests, passions and goals.  You can do this through internships, volunteer work, clubs or paid positions.  Try something creative and productive that reflects your area of interest.  For example — if you want to be a doctor, see if you can get a filing job in a doctor’s office, or see if you can volunteer for Red Cross… There are so many great options that can not only help you build your resume, but you can have fun at the same time.

2) Visit some college campuses:  Although summer is not the ideal time to visit a campus (due to classes not being in session), sometimes it is your only opportunity to visit campuses.  If you are going on a family vacation, plan to visit some campuses near your vacation destination (or on the way).  Visiting local colleges is also a great idea.  Even though classes are not in session, there are always students working on-campus — make sure to talk to them and ask some questions about the campus community.

3) For Rising Seniors — start your college essays, build your resume and start your applications.  Many applications go live on August 1, but you can still start your essays, resumes and academic recommendation requests before the applications are online — just check with the school to make sure their essays have not changed since last year.

4) Study for the SAT/ACT exams — The summer is a great time to focus your studying on the SAT and ACT exams.  There are great online and book resources that can be very helpful.

5) Read, Read, Read… Reading is the best way to improve vocabulary and prepare for standardized tests.  While reading, make sure to have a dictionary handy for unfamiliar words.

6) Contact Wolf College Consulting to see how their services can help your college planning and application needs.

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