Academic Registration Time

Wolf College Consulting -- High School StudentsIt’s that time of the year when freshmen, sophomores and juniors are registering for classes. As you are preparing to register for classes, Wolf College Consulting has some tips for you.

  1. Make sure you are staying on track to graduate on time.  All high schools have different requirements, make sure you are registering for the classes needed to graduate from your high school.
  2. Make sure you are taking classes that meet college entrance requirements. For California students, I recommend that all students follow the A-G requirements that are required for the UC and Cal State System. Most private schools also want you to follow the A-G Requirements.  Note — when it says “recommended,” I strongly recommend that you do it.
  3. Take at least 5 solid academic courses.  Those include courses in English, Science, Math, History, Social Science and Foreign Language courses.
  4. When choosing electives, consider taking potential career applicable courses.  For example, if you are interesting in Counseling, take a Psychology course; if you are interested in being an art teacher, take an art class; if you are interested in a Communications Major, take Journalism.  There are many elective classes that can show colleges that you are not only interested in pursuing a certain major, but you also have the skills to be successful in that major.
  5. Most schools prefer to admit students who have multiple talents, diverse perspectives, and who also show commitment.  Taking 4 years in a language can be a great option for some students (if they can do well in the class); playing sports for all 4 years can show commitment, responsibility and ability to work on a team; taking an Art course shows that you have a unique talent; being on ASB shows that you have leadership skills.
  6. Only take AP/IB and Honors courses if you can be successful in that class.   Colleges would like to see that you are taking a rigorous course load, but more importantly they want to see you succeed in it.

If you would like some extra guidance in helping you pick your classes for the upcoming fall, contact Wolf College Consulting, we would be happy to help.

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