The Application Season is Here!

Wolf College Consulting

We are officially in the middle of the college application season.  Wolf College consulting is aware of the stress students (and parents) are experiencing and I wanted to give you some last minute tips for you as you finish your applications.  Below is a list of “Do’s and Don’ts”


  • Do have someone review your application before you press the submit button
  • Do make sure you have sent in all of your materials that are necessary for the application to be complete
  • Do make sure you submit your applications by the due dates
  • Do have someone read your essays before you submit them (but do not have too many review your essays)
  • Do confirm with your references that they have submitted your letters of recommendations.

Do not:

  • Do not write all of your words in lowercase letters (or all uppercase letters).  Take the time to make sure you capitalize all of the correct letters – it looks more professional. 
  • Do not misspell your name.  If you misspell your name, the colleges will not be able to match other documents to your application. 
  • Do not send in the wrong Social Security Number – the colleges may not be able to match your application with your other documents.
  • Do not accidentally send in your wrong essay (example – do not send your USC essay to LMU).  You don’t want to accidentally tell LMU that USC is your top college choice.

Remember that this application season is only a “season.”  You are almost done and you will get through it!   


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