Wolf College Consulting at NACCAP Fair

Wolf College Consulting at NACCAP Fair

Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the financial aid seminar for the NACCAP fair in Costa Mesa.  My goal for the seminar was for families to leave feeling less stressed about the financial aid process and the cost of college.  For those that could not attend, here are some of the main topics I discussed:

  • Consider the Net Cost not the Sticker Price.  Sometimes families choose not to apply to a college due to the sticker price of the college.  My recommendation is to go through the application and financial aid process and see what financial aid you are awarded.  Private colleges typically award more institutional aid than Public schools, so Private schools can become more affordable…you just have to apply and go through the process.
  • FAFSA deadlines — The 2012-2013 FAFSA is not available until January 1.  I recommend that you apply by February 1 because some schools give financial aid priority to students that apply by February 1.  Note– you do not need to have your tax returns completed by February 1.  You can estimate it and update it later.
  • Financing a College Education is a combination of resources.  These include Family, Federal Government, State Government, College and Private Resources.  Don’t forget to look into private scholarships through your community and the web.
  • FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid — It is a FREE application.  Make sure you fill out the correct one — www.fafsa.gov.  Also never pay for an outside scholarship application.
  • Net Price Calculators — By law, institutions must now include on their website a calculator that provides net price for first-time, full-time degree-seeking students.  USE THIS WITH CAUTION — not all details of student qualification are taken into consideration.

The financial aid process can be very overwhelming and confusing when you do not have all of the information.  Remember that there are financial aid counselors at every college that can help you through the process and give you advice about their institution policies.  It’s never too early to start planning and gaining knowledge.  Let me know if Wolf College Consulting can assist you through the process.

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