Advice for New College Students

Last week Wolf College Consulting gave tips for parents who just left a son or daughter at college.  This week Wolf College Consulting, has some advice for students that just started college.  Now you are a college student… how are you going to make the best of it?  Some new college students already feel connected, already have a lot of  friends and are also feeling like their academic preparation for college was just perfect.   Others, are feeling a bit lonely right now, a bit overwhelmed academically and don’t know how to get connected and make college their home.

Below are some tips from us:

  1. Don’t go home until Thanksgiving.  A lot of social events happen on the weekends and that’s how you will make friends and get connected.  You don’t want to miss out!  If you do decide to go home before then, bring some friends with you… Make it a college road trip.
  2. Go to every class and take copious notes.   Starting with strong academic habits will make your academic career successful.   Also, many of you even have academic scholarships… Remember… to keep academic scholarships, you need to have strong grades.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get help.  There are many great services in college — tutoring services, learning disability services, writing centers, counseling offices, etc.  And, take advantage of professor office hours.  If you wait until mid-terms or finals to get help, it will be too late.
  4. Find a mentor.  This can be a staff member, a professor or even a senior that you meet.  They can be a great listener, a resource to you, and help you as you make this transition into college.  They might even invite you over for home-cooked dinner!
  5. Be social!  Find one or two extracurricular activities that you can be involved in.  Look for opportunities to get involved with like-minded people.  This can be a biking club, a political club, a church, a business club, a job … really the options are endless.

I hope this advice has helped you!  Let me know if you have any tips too!

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