Northern Arizona University

This week I had the opportunity to visit Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.  Due to the Western Undergraduate Exchange, California students can attend NAU for less than the out of state rate (as long as you major in qualified major).  Due to the high altitude, I did not feel like I was in Arizona.  It was surrounded by hills and trees (and it is also near the Grand Canyon and Sedona).  This school can be great for a student that desires to attend a big school that is in a liberal (somewhat hippy) area.  The students tend to be spirited, tolerant, enjoys the outdoors and they have a lot of student activities and clubs.  The school is known for it’s teaching program and also has strong programs in engineering, astronomy and hotel and restaurant management.

Below is a picture of the Applied Research and Development Building:Below is a picture of one of the libraries:

Below is a picture of a cafeteria:

Below is a picture of an outside quad in the middle of some dorms.  Students enjoy hanging out outside, studying outside, playing basketball together and biking.The campus is about a mile in length.  Therefore, they have a great shuttle system that also takes students to the public bus so that students have easy access to the area around the University as well. On campus apartments:Inside a first-year dorm:

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