Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington

While I was in Spokane, I also visited Gonzaga University.  Gonzaga is a medium sized (about 4700 Undergraduates) Private University that has Jesuit roots.  What a beautiful campus!

I took a tour with 2 students and some of the unique things that I discovered there is that this could be a great campus for a strong academic student that loves the outdoors, wants to grow to be a better person and has a passion for social service.

Like many private schools, Gonzaga prides themselves in having small classrooms (average size class is 22 and faculty/student ratio is 12:1).  I enjoyed seeing the different department buildings.  Most buildings had themes — the Engineering building looked very industrial, the Science building looked like a hospital and the business building looked very corporate.

Students on this campus are very active.  They love the outdoors and they have an “outdoor leadership” team that plans weekend activities for every weekend.  Some of these activities include hiking, camping, back packing, skiing, rafting or horseback riding.  Students are also very involved in the intramurals on campus (they are known as being in the top 20 schools for intramural involvement).

Some of their fun traditions include — camping out before basketball games to get good seats, coffee house showcases wehre local bands perform in the Crosby Center, Guts — a student run improve comedy show, and Halloween Trick-or-Treat.

Students are known to be very well-balanced.  They perform well academically, butr also tend to be very involved on campus and off-campus.  Below are some pictures that I took on my tour of the campus.

Below is a picture of their campus chapel

It is a fun tradition to paint campus news and activities on this wall

Below is a picture of the inside of the student union

The campus is within walking distance to downtown.  Students enjoy walking to fun shops and restaurants.

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