Concordia University — Irvine

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Concordia University in Irvine.  This campus was a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere.  It is located in beautiful Southern California in the hills of Irvine.  Concordia’s mission is that students would develop a wise mind, an honorable heart and cultivated character.  This happens as a result of living in a dynamic Christ-centered community (most students live on campus all four years) where students get to know their professors in small classes and as personal mentors (17:1 faculty/student ratio).

Concordia is a Christian community in the Lutheran Tradition, but you do not have to be a Christian to attend this University.  I had the opportunity to meet with a student that was not Christian, but she loved the school because she liked the small classes and the leadership opportunities on campus.  There are many religions represented on the campus and although students are required to take 3 Religion classes, students do not feel like “they have to be a Christian to feel part of the community.”

Here are some pictures that I took of the campus:

Below you will see the front of the main chapel.  There is chapel four times a week, but it is not required.  The most popular service is the contemporary service on Friday mornings.

Below is the Student Union — The Cafeteria is inside — it had great food!

Below is a picture of the Gym.  Last week they beat APU in Basketball — this made them win the GSAC Title — Go Eagles!

Below is a picture of a dorm lobby — the campus has many different lobby’s for students to hang out, study, play games or watch movies.  This helps form great community on their campus.
If you are looking for a small private school, located in Southern California that carries Lutheran traditions, this may be great fit for you.  You may have some great leadership opportunities on the campus and will grow academically and socially.

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