Facebook is your new College Resume

Social Media is a new way for colleges to get to know you.  Your Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Profiles are a “living and breathing” extension of your application and resume.  Therefore it needs to work for you — not against you.

More and more colleges are using social media to find out  more about their students.  Is your facebook page consistent with what you say about yourself on your application or in your essays?

Here are some tips on how to make this “live” resume a strong one for colleges:

  • Express what you are passionate about.  Don’t just include pictures you take at birthday parties, include pictures you take in public service.
  • Show schools who you are.  Use your social media sites to showcase what you do — post art portfolios online or links to videos or photo galleries from your performances, athletic events, etc.
  • Think strategically and take control of your site.  If a friend posts something on your site that does not reflect who you are, then delete it from your page
  • Colleges expect kids to be kids — have fun on your profiles, but always make sure that you present yourself in way that truly reflects you.
  • Become “fans” of colleges that you are interested.  This will help you learn more about the college and what is going on, and it also let’s the school know you are truly interested in them (and not afraid to show them how you are).

Remember — Social media can enable students to give admissions staff a valuable perspective on themselves.  Use it and make it work for you!

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