This week I had the opportunity to visit Azusa Pacific University.  What a wonderful Campus!

If you have a passion for service, a compassion for justice and outreach, a desire to integrate your Christian Faith with your learning and want to attend an excellect academic college, this might be a great fit for you.

I started my day attending chapel.  The worship was student led and they had a guest speaker that spoke about your role as a believer in your family.  The campus is large (4700 Undergraduate students) and therefore you can attend chapel in two locations.  When I looked at the students in the chapel I saw authenticity a passion for worship and desire to grow in their faith.

After chapel, I met with and Admissions Counselor that shared with me about the core values (they called “Cornerstones”) of the University — Christ, Community, Scholarship and Service.  When I had the opportuntiy to speak with students and other staff members, these core values were evident.   I also took a tour of the campus and here are some of the pictures I took:

This is a picture of the front of the Admissions Office

I saw many classrooms, and most of them looked similar to this:
The campus has many art exhibits (the artists are all alumni, students, staff or faculty).  Fun fact — APU is the only Christian University that has a Masters’s in Art.
Below is a picture of the “Cougar Walk.” This is on East Campus — it’s a big hangout area where students can get food from the cafe, drink coffee at tables outside or study outside.  The campus has a couple of cafteria’s and also a lot of cafes, small restaurants, even a sushi bar.
All Freshmen live in the on-campus dorms.  Below is a picture of one of the halls.  The sophomore’s live in on-campus apartments and most juniors and seniors take advantage of the off-campus apartments.
Below is a picture of their gym (it also hosts chapel in the mornings).  APU has 17 Varsity Sports.
This is the trolley that takes students back and forth from West Campus to East Campus
Below is a picture of their newest building — the scince building.  It was beautiful.

I had a wonderful visit at APU — it has a great community and many students call it “home.”

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