Finding a good college match

What does it mean to find a good college match?  Students that find a college where they have the potential to get good grades and contribute in a positive manner in their campus life is a good match.  A good match is a place where you will be challenged to grow and also feel at home.   A good match does not just look good on a list, but feels right.  There could be one good match, but most likely there will be more than that.
A “good match” college is typically easier to get into than a “bad match” college because the colleges qualifications meet the qualifications that the student acquires.  As an educational consultant. my goal is to help  teach students more about themselves so they are more aware of their strengths, their passions and their goals.  Through this process, the we are able to identify “good match” colleges where students can succeed academically, physically, socially and spiritually.

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