New Rules

I just recently read The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott for a Social Media class that I am currently enrolled in.  I registered for this course because I knew that I needed to increase my knowledge in Social Media and how to market to my clients.  This class and book changed the way I now view successful marketing.  Now when we are searching for a store, a service or a specific item we look at the internet, not the yellow pages.  Traditional marketing in ads, billboards, commercials, newspapers and magazines are no longer key ways of marketing (especially for small companies like mine), the internet and social media (relational media) are the new rules.
The most important thing I learned was understanding Long Tail Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  This means that when someone searches “Costa Mesa “or “Orange County Educational Consulting/Educational Advisor/College Specialist” they can find me in their search.  I need to think like a buyer and how they would search for me and use those words in my website, my blogs, my videos, my pictures, and my facebook fan pages.  When I focus on this small niche of keywords, I bring the right readers to my sites.
Marketing is now about delivering content at just the precise moment your audience needs it.  Thankfully we do not need to wait for journalists to tell our story, we can publicize it right away.  We need to create sites that allow interaction and relational conversation.  I am thankful for this class and book (without it, I would not have started my blogspot site, my linkedin profile, a delicious site, a youtube account, a googlereader site or a slideshare site).  I look forward to now implementing the things that I have learned to help my new business become successful. 

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