Tips for College Visits

Planning to visit a college soon?  Not sure what to ask at your next college visit?

Below you will find a list of some great questions that I recommend you asking at your next college visit.  It can be very overwhelming when visiting a college and I recommend that you bring a list of questions to each college you attend.  Then you can go home and compare the lists to help you find the best fit for you.  Make sure you also add ones that are important for you.

How large is your school?  Undergraduate number? Graduate Number?
What are your top 5 most popular majors?
How many majors do you have?
What is your retention rate?
What percentage of completed applications are accepted?
What percentage of students receive financial aid?  What is their average financial aid package?
What are your costs?
What makes your college unique?
How large are the classrooms?
Do professors teach in the classroom or Teacher Assistants?
What percentage of your students live on campus?
Can freshmen have cars?
Are there any rules that students need to follow?
List of classes needed to graduate
What is the difficulty to get the classes I need to graduate within 4 years?
If the school is a religous one, ask about spiritual life on campus.
What job opportunities do students have on or off campus?
What are students doing in my major after college?
Make sure to ask questions about any extracurriculr activity you are interested in — sports, theater, music, speech and debate, ASB, intramurals, leadership opportunities.

Make sure you also get a tour of the campus.  When you are taking a tour of the campus try and connect with current students on the tour to hear about their experience at the college.  On the tour, these are also places I recommend you visiting:
Freshmen dorms
Academic Department
Chapel (if visiting a religious school)
Student On-Campus Hang Out Areas
Gym and/or other athletic/extracurricular areas of interest

Have fun and I can’t wait to hear about your college visit.

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